Going to see Vincent Bijlo tomorrow night. Went to see his previous show last year, which was very entertaining. Though the reviews for this one aren’t as promising, I’m sure it won’t be a waste of time. Oh, and I’ve heard good things about the movie Munich, which I’m hoping to see some time soon.


I just noticed in my Palm that it’s exactly ten years ago today that my maternal grandfather, Hendrikus Theodorus Schoonhoven, died. That’s a picture of us on the right here. I’m the one with the funky socks. He was born prematurely in 1911 and, because his father feared hospitals, taken home instead of placed in an incubator. Covered in vaseline and wrapped in sheepskin he did survive. He married my grandmother Everdina Petronella de Waal in 1938, served in the Navy in Den Helder during WWII. Had 3 children, one of which my mum. He died aged 84.


Received a link to a rather shocking photo of Jared Leto as he appears in the upcoming movie Chapter 27. This is a film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.

Read up on the story of Mark David Chapman and after a few clicks (don’t you just love Wikipedia?) this eventually led to the John Lennon Trivia page. On this page I read the following: He had an apartment at the Dakota set aside for his collection of fur coats. How decadent!

Virgin Queen

I’m currently enjoying watching The Virgin Queen on the BBC on sunday evenings. Starring Anne-Marie Duff, who previously starred in Channels 4’s wonderful show ‘Shameless

Here’s some more information on the series and ofcourse Elizabeth I of England herself, both from Wikipedia.

I also wanted to mention the wonderfully fitting soundtrack, which was made in collaboration with the Mediaeval Baebes. One of the recurring songs is based on the Dies Irae hymn.

Update: you can get both the DVD and the soundtrack from Amazon.co.uk.

Where is the great music?

Days after posting a list of upcoming releases I’m looking forward to, I found an interesting thread on Ask MetaFilter, entitled Where is the great music?

I have this theory that being a teenager just makes you more receptive to music/movies/culture in general. You’re like a sponge at that age; you swim in it and soak it up and it becomes a part of you.

By the time you hit your 20’s, you’re not as receptive. Your personality isn’t in flux; your hormones are balanced. You have a job and a life and no time to lie on your bed and listen to the same album [..] over and over again. Even music that is technically superior to the music of your teen years will never sound as sweet, because it will never mean as much.

I must say I agree. Most of the bands I listen today are the ones I discovered in my late teens. But that doesn’t mean some really great music isn’t released today.

New releases

This is going to be a good year in music, I think. Plenty of new releases have been anounced.

More can be found at Top 50 Most Anticipated Records of 2006 from Decibel Magazine.


I’m afraid to admit, I occasionally watch America’s Next Top Model. Everyone must have a guilty pleasure right? So they just started cycle 4 on Dutch tv. And I thought I’d check out the website for some background info. Only to find the details of the winner, of this and other cycles, is posted on the homepage! That pretty much ruined it for me. Thanks a bunch.


So I’m all settled back in at work. Shame my brandnew monitor had been confiscated in my absence, but I’m promised a new one will arrive shortly. Let’s hope so.

Oh, and note to self, I still need to get my bikes front tire fixed or I’ll be walking home soon.


Slept in untill 12:15 yesterday morning, I’m quite ashamed to say. But what the hell, it’s my vacation time, so why not. Not looking forward to setting the alarm next week though. Especially since it’s still dark when I have to get up in the morning. That has to be one of the advantages of summertime. I read a review of a device called the Sleeptracker recently. It monitors your body and continuously looks for your best possible waking times. Sounds interesting, but $149 is a bit much just to give it a try.