Since my mum is still in hospital, I was all set to escort my dad to see The Zombies, as they had planned to do. However, he just called me to mention he got the date wrong. It’s not tonight. It was actually yesterday evening. We could laugh about it, but still a waste of money and opportunity. Oh well. Luckily there are plenty of gigs on schedule for the coming months.


I recently bought Het hemels vaderland, Hollanders in Siberië by Bart Rijs. He’s trying to follow in the footsteps of a group of Dutchmen who, in pursuit of religious freedom, went east in the 1600s. First to Poland, but their descendants ended up in Siberia. Still having familiar customs, but unable to tell you where the Netherlands can be found. I hadn’t heard of this group and am sure it’ll turn out to be an interesting story.

Spend the better part of yesterday evening installing and configuring Fedora as a dualboot for my Windows XP. The most important things I want to figure out is syncing my Palm Zire, using a setup similar to the one I have on Windows with iTunes, sharing the profiles for Thunderbird and Firefox. Here are some relevant links and a story of one man’s migration.


I just got tickets to see Opeth in Zoetermeer. They’re playing in De Boerderij on December 22nd. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, I’m quite impressed with all the tattoos various people have of the Opeth logo. I quite like the way it turned out on some people, and do like the logo. But I just can’t think of a nice place I’d like a tattoo. Which is probably also why I never got one of Ouroboros, which I once considered.


Just checking the news from Blabbermouth.net. Read a review of the Day of the Equinox festival. Looked quite good. Havind Agalloch and Green Carnation. The latter apparently played their album Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness in full! Green Carnation recently played on the Progpower festival, but I can’t remember hearing Agalloch performing here. They should though, they’re one of my favourite bands.

Also, I read that Monster Magnet will be doing a European tour soon. They’re playing on my birthday (March 14th) in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Let’s see if I can try and get tickets for that.


I was hoping to catch up on some sleep this morning, but unfortunatly today turned out to be the day the new neighbours started work on the house opposite mine they recently purchased. Lots of noise ensued. Shame. Well, maybe tomorrow morning they’ll stick to painting. Quietly.

Not much going on today, did some paperwork I’d been meaning to do for a while now. The only thing left on my list now is filling out the form for zorgtoeslag, which is part of the new insurance system they’re hoping to introduce next year. I hate tax-related forms.


I’m hooked on the Wikipedia at the moment. Even more than usual, I mean. Lots of conversations or articles lead to a quick search. Here’s some stuff I looked up recently.

  • Polyphasic sleep, mentioned in a blog somewhere. It means sleeping in short naps of around 20–45 minutes throughout the day. This allows for more waking hours with relatively high alertness. If I’m ever unemplyed I might try this.
  • Freemasonry and Rosicrucian. A colleague of mine visited one of the Freemason lodges (during an open house day) and I couldn’t put my finger on the exact difference between the two. It also led to this quite interesting article.
  • Read an article on the work of Alfons Mucha and I was quite taken with his work.
  • Nikola Tesla was mentioned in a Slashdot article, I think. Hadn’t heard of him before, and that’s actually a shame.


It’s been a while since I’ve discovered something on tv that I really liked. I think Carnivale was last. And to a lesser degree, Lost. Now I’ve discovered Medium on tuesdays on the BBC. It’s an hour-long drama revolving around a wife and mother of three who uses her psychic abilities to solve crimes. Sounds quite crap like this, but it really isn’t. The main character is played by Patricia Arquette and I especially like the chemistry in the scenes with husband Joe (played by Jake Weber). On thing though, after reading the episode guide on tv.com, I get the feeling the BBC is airing them in a different order. That’s a bit of a shame. But all in all it comes recommended.

Another thing I’m unable to switch off at the moment is Meerkat Manor, which always appears to air just as I’m flipping past Animal Planet. I always wonder if meerkats would make nice pets. 😉 And who thought of those names anyway?


I’m quite impressed and a bit scared by the news of the reconstruction of the 1918 Flu Virus. Meanwhile, I’ve been batteling the common cold, which set in around Sunday. I hate being out of breath after tackling a simple staircase. I’ve stocked up on vitamin C and am drinking plenty of tea and honey. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.