Leids Ontzet


The city’s getting ready for the coming 3 october celebrations, when we celebrate the conquest on the Spanish occupier in 1574. Though it entails some fine traditions, it’s basically an excuse for a lot of people to get quite drunk. Anyhow, here’s a PDF with the schedule of the coming events.

No luck

No luck with my mum’s procedure, I’m afraid. All went well, but they were unable to get out the stones. So she’ll be transported to the LUMC, where they’ll give it another go, with different equipment. We’re dropping by later tonight at visiting hour.


The handyman just left. He’s quite positive he’ll be able to place the dome in a day. He’ll make an estimate of the price and then it’s up to me. My mum’s still in hospital. They’re going to try to take out the stones on Thursday, using a tube and camera and what not. Hopefully the pain will disappear once they’re out. Fingers crossed.


Snow melting into a mountain stream. Glacier portal, Swiss Alps.

Watched the third episode of Europe – A Natural History on BBC2 last night. It’s a wonderful four-part series, charting the dramatic events which have shaped the ever-changing landscapes and wildlife of Europe. You can check out the final episode this sunday. It’s called A New Millennium.

Today, some 730 million people live in Europe. How is wildlife adapting to this brave new world, who are the winners and losers, and what efforts are we making to help? And ultimately, given the problems with unwelcome and invasive species on the continent through international trade, and an increasingly fickle climate, the future could bring all sorts of surprises.

Try and catch it if you can. And if you’re interested ofcourse.


Did I mention I’ve taken some time off work for the coming week. Time to relax and get all those things out of the way that normally seem to get forgotten. I’ve also made an appointment with a local handyman about getting a rooflight (something like can be seen here) installed in the kitchen. He’s coming on tuesday. Wonder how much time and money this will cost. But I think it will be worth it.

And my mum and I were planning to go to Amsterdam on friday, but it looks like we’ll have to take a raincheck, as she’s been having trouble with here Gallstones. She’s had those for about 8 years now, but using Homeopathy she hasn’t had any complaints in ages. But now it started again, so she deceided to have the surgery to remove them. She’s meeting with the surgeon tomorrow morning.

Kitchen update

And then there was water to do dishes with and fire to cook on. Hurrah! Another trip to our friends at Ikea was required though. Ordered the remaining stuff. I’ll get a call when we can pick this up. And now I think it’s time to prepare myself something to eat. In the kitchen. 🙂


Mum and I went to the Stoffenbeurs (fabric market) earlier. Bought a bunch of nice bits for the coming winter. It was held in the indoors, in the Groenoordhallen, this time. Usually it’s outdoors, on the vismarkt. Still can’t believe they want to tear down Groenoordhallen, the place has so much potential. Shame it hasn’t seen anything other than a flea market in ages. That was different about 10 years ago. I mean, even Metallica played there, in 1990. Shame.

Six feet under


Finally got round to watching the very last episode of Six Feet Under. It’s being analysed at several places, like TV Squad which has more details based on the Obituaries featured on the official site. Shame it ended, but it was a great way to do so. Now if only the entire series would be available on DVD for a fair price…

New stuff

Since I’m at home, I also have an opportunity to run some much needed software upgrades. Like the new Picasa, Google’s photo managing tool. And ofcourse install the new iTunes. I’m not to impressed with the new skin, but I like that you can arrange playlists into folders now. Still no purge function though. Shame. I’d also like to be able to make a smart playlist based on the file locations.

I’m hoping to get round to installing the new Firefox 1.5 Beta, which is supposedly especially interesting for developers. And, though not really new, I also wanted to mention Mp3tag, which has been quite useful getting all my files tagged properly.