Kitchen update

Kitchen in progress

I’ve just uploaded some more kitchen shots to my Flickr account. Things are coming along quite nicely. The cabinets (4 below, 3 near the ceiling) are in place, the tiles have been picked up from the store and are waiting to be placed on the wall. Now I’m waiting on a call from Ikea on when they’ll deliver the rest of the stuff, which should be some time this week.


Though I’ve had it on my iPod for the better part of the week, I just bought the new Opeth release, Ghost Reveries. Some artist are worth overpaying for. Can’t believe ā‚¬19,99 is called a bargain these days. That was once an acceptable price to pay in guilders.

But I digress. I won’t write a review, I’m not terribly good at those. There are plenty of others who are. The new album is simply wonderful. And I’m sure it’ll get even better in time, like all their albums before.

Oh, and I also picked up some more ER on DVD. Couldn’t help myself. šŸ˜‰


Such nostalgia. I’m enjoying a nice piece of blue Bubblicious at the moment. Got me thinking about the bubblegum my brother and I used to get occasionally at the gasstation when we were younger. It was cola flavoured and in a red wrapper. Can’t remember what it was called though. Hang on, I’ll ask him.

Update: Nevada. That’s what it was. Wonder if it’s still available. And if it tastes as great as I remember.


Ordered tiles from a store near where I work. They should be ready next week, can’t wait. I’ve chosen Trend 1 by 1 centimeters of shiny mosaic tiles in various shades of white. Should be good.


cover of Ghost Reveries

Got loads of trips to the theatre lined-up for the coming season, starting at the end of next month. And I’m also quite tempted by the Opeth show in Zoetermeer coming December. Their new album, Ghost Reveries (the cover of which can be seen on the right), is due for release at the end of next week (August 30, if I’m not mistaken). Really looking forward to that.


There’s a post on MozillaZine on the growing popularity of including Firefox themes in various marketing campaings. Shurely a good thing. The article mentions the upcoming HBO/BBC television series Rome as an example. This is due to start on August 28th, by the way, and looking rather interesting. Glad it’ll air on both HBO and BBC2, since I don’t have access to HBO, other than via download.


Got caught in a bit of downpour on my way back from lunch, this afternoon. Ruined an otherwise quite decent hairday and my jeans are still a bit damp. What a strange summer this turned out to be.

Anyhow, almost time to go home. Start the weekend, though there won’t be much time for settling on the couch with my book, as there will be plenty more work on the kitchen to be done and trips to the Gamma to be made. Well, maybe by sunday a few of the cupboards will be in place so I can store some stuff, which is now taking up space in my livingroom.


Watched a documentary on Canvas on the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which was 60 years ago this saturday. Rather interesting to hear about the people behind the Manhattan Project, which I knew only very little about. Might be interesting to read a biography on someone like Oppenheimer at some point.

On a less serious note, I went to IKEA Delft yesterday, to pick up the first part of my new kitchen. The rest of the stuff had to be ordered and will be delivered on the 26th. You can check out the current state of the wall that once was my kitchen at Flickr.

The Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Eldritch

Just got back from Tilburg, from the The Sisters Of Mercy show. Really didn’t know what to expect beforehand, but it turned out to be a great show. Despite the fact that they kept us waiting for quite some time. The ticket said the show was due at 21:00, but they didn’t start till around 22:10, after the smokemachine had been on for about fifteen minutes. But luckily that was all quickly forgotten once they started playing. I’d better get some sleep now, the trainride back home wore me out.

Update: the setlist and a bunch of reviews can be found at

Purging iTunes

I’m trying to find a way to purge my iTunes library, only to find out there is no way to do that. The sheer arrogance. Found a similar post of desperation on a blog called Chocolate and Vodka, which states the following.

I can’t see an option to purge out-of-date file information. Ok, so wait… here we have software designed, apparently, to deal with large music libraries and I can’t find a purge?! And what’s more, when one reopens iTunes, it can’t even remember which tracks it can’t find. Useful!

Exactly. Anyone know of a solution? I’m not going to clean it up by hand, that’s for sure. Maybe time to search for an alternative. But I’ve grown fond of the smart playlist thingie. And I like the way it integrates with my iPod mini. Sigh.