Make Poverty History

I’m getting rather tired of seeing Bob Geldof popping up all over the place, the last few days. And though I fear for what might happen if all those people do turn up in Edinburgh, the cause is commendable. The least I can do is add the promo text. Here it comes.

Make Poverty HistoryEvery single day, 30,000 children die, needlessly, of extreme poverty. On July 6th, we finally have the opportunity to stop that shameful statistic. 8 world leaders, gathered in Scotland for the G8 summit, will be presented with a workable plan to double aid, drop the debt and make the trade laws fair. If these 8 men agree, then we will become the generation that made poverty history. But they’ll only do it if enough people tell them to. We don’t want your money – we want you! Visit these sites to find out more: Make Poverty History, Commission for Africa and Live 8 Live.

Six Feet Under

The fifth and, sadly, final season of Six Feet Under started on June 6th. Since I’m unable to wait for Dutch tv to catch up 3 more seasons, I’m afraid I’ve turned to other sources. The first three episodes are waiting patiently on my hard disk, for me to enjoy shortly.


I stumbled upon Yahoo! Movies just now, thought I’d give the recommendation part a try. However to get one you first have to rate movies. Makes sense. But why does the rating take place by using A through F. That doesn’t mean anything to me. Don’t the kind people at Yahoo realise ratings take place with numbers, atleast in a big part of the world? Anyhow, to make this story -which is too long already- a bit longer, I gave up. I’ll stick to rating movies at IMDb.


My parents left for a month-long trip of Norway this morning. Sounds great, I’m sure the temperatures there are more acceptable than they are here at the moment. We’re experiencing an official heatwave you see. And that’s not supposed to happen in June normally. Lucky us. To make matters worse, I have nothing to read at the moment, since I finished my current book last night. Time to make a trip to the library. Oh by the way, the one I finished was The Silver Wolf, by Alice Borchardt. A bit strange, but still quite fascinating. Might try to find another one of hers. I’m also thinking of buying the first 4 seasons of the Sopranos on DVD. It’s now on offer at the Free Record Shop for €130, and I get 10% discount from a membercard. It’s too hot to do much else anyway, and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen these episodes last.

Fields Of Rock

Fields Of Rock

Despite the predicted heatwave we (and almost 50.000 other music fans) made the journey south to the city of Nijmegen for an entertaining day at Fields Of Rock.

We left Leiden at about 11:30. But since we were stuck in some major traffic, we arrived to late for Metal Church, who played at 13:00. We entered the field just as Motörhead was getting started. We traded money for tokens, got some drinks and enjoyed the music whilst sitting in the grass.

About an hour later (16:10) it was time for Slayer. They played a set of lovely classics. I was mostly shocked by the amount of grey in singer Tom Araya’s beard. 😉

Next up was Velvet Revolver, at which time we deemed it time for a meal. Verder lezen Fields Of Rock


We’re in the midst of trying to sort out tranportation for saturday, when we’ll be travelling to the far away Nijmegen for Fields Of Rock. Long live e-mail. Imagine having to do this by phone. But first there’s a nice trip to the dentist tomorrow I’m looking forward to.

Update: it’s all arranged. We’ll be going by car and are leaving around 11:30. Can’t wait! Now I only need to decide what to bring and what not. Brace yourself, fascinating stuff ahead.

  • Sunblock, cause they‘re saying it could be quite hot, aprox 29°C. Great.
  • A sweater for when it gets colder at night
  • Raincoat, just in case.

Don’t you just love unpredictable climates?

Billy Corgan, continued

Though there were plenty of people taking photo’s at last weeks concert, I’ve been unable to find any. I did however locate a bunch of pics from the concert in Paris the following evening. I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr account for viewing. By the way, why isn’t there something like There should be.

Update: did manage to find a couple pics from the Amsterdam show. They’re added to the series. And I also came across this review (in Dutch).

Billy Corgan

I’ve taken today off work, and was hoping to be able to sleep in. But since the lingering smell of weed and beer in my hair drove me into the shower, I might aswell tell you about yesterdays trip to Paradiso where I saw Billy Corgan promote his new album, The Future Embrace.

We originally planned to go by train and tram, but the nice public transport people chose this day to go on strike. Luckily we still had the car available to transport us to our fine capital.

Opening act was a trio called Gliss, unknown to me, but sounded quite interesting. Certainly not the worst opening act I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Billy, and the 3 musicians accompanying him (Matt Walker, Brian Liesegang and Linda Strawberry), played in front of a wall of tiles, which featured all kinds of images and colours. They played allmost exclusively songs from the new album, including the cover of the Bee Gees ‘To Love Somebody’. One of the encore songs was a Ramones cover, but I’m unable to recall a title. As great as this show was, it does make me regret I never got a chance to see the Smashing Pumpkins perform live. But, all in all, a great night.