So they voted against the constitution. I wonder what the consequences will be. Both on the constitution, but also on the outcome of our referendum, this wednesday.


Watched an interesting documentary on the BBC last week, about the 1815 volcanic eruptions of Mount Tambora. The events on one of the islands of Indonesia lead to the Year Without a Summer. Something similar had happened before, in 535 to be exact. I wonder what the effects would be on our society if something similar were to happen today.

Update: a somewhat related article, called The Sixth Extinction via a post on Slashdot. The article describes five periods of mass extinction due to climate and environment, and a sixth -in part- due to us.


How tedious of me, speaking of the weather. My apologies. But I can’t help it, I can’t think of anything else. It’s just too damn hot. My eyes have been completely dried out by the fan blowing in my face. Fortunately predictions for the coming weeks contain less sunshine.

On to more important things, as I still haven’t made up my mind on next weeks referendum. I’ve done my part and read all the expensive brochures that landed on my doormat, I’ve listened to a number of debates on tv and I’ve read a bunch of interviews and opinion pieces. And still no answer. Sigh. I wonder if it even matters what we’ll deceide if the French say ‘Non’.


the bridge on it's way

Had to take a bit of a detour this morning, as the city is working on the Warmonderbrug, which is located at the end of my street. And on my route to work. The original bridge dates from 1611, the one being replaced at the moment from 1892. This new structure is 35 meters in length and 7 meters wide.

New releases

There’s lots of great new music being released at the moment. The one I’ve been looking forward the most is the new Audioslave, called ‘Out of exile’. Then there’s the final release by Sentenced, ‘The Funeral Album’. Shame they’re definitely not releasing anymore albums. The jury’s still out on the new Corrosion of Conformity. I love their album ‘Deliverance’, but a number of their other releases didn’t appeal to me very much. I have heard good things about their latest, ‘In The Arms Of God’ , though.

For the quieter moments, there’s ‘Vinland Saga’ by Leaves Eyes (former Theatre of Tragedy singer Liv Kristine). And then there’s news of Bruce Dickinson, who has finally had some time to record another solo album, entitled ‘Tyranny of Souls’. So there you have it. A nice list of works to go and check out.


As you may have noticed, that is if you’ve been here before, this site has undergone a bit of a transformation. I’ve removed the sidebar and gone back to the most basic of layouts. Also, I added a homepage. Something I haven’t had here in years. It shows the last 2 posts, the last 5 links and Amazon links to the book, movie and CD I’m enjoying. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.


portrait Dalí

Got home about half an hour ago. Had a delicious dinner (tapas) with my colleagues in Fandango. All in all a bit of a kitchen free week, this one. We had a surprise birthday dinner for my brother last night, since he turned 29 yesterday. (Happy birthday!) All this does mean however that my shoppinglist hasn’t been taken care off and I’ll have to risk life and limb on a fridaynight shopping excursion.

Speaking of excursions, we’re planning to check out the news Star Wars, Episode III Revenge of the Sith (reviews) some time next week. I’m also hoping to find time to visit the All Dalí exhibit in the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam.


Yet another prolonged weekend, this time because of Pentecost. Strange all these days off and I hardly know why. It’s even more annoying that the stores are shut also, just when I have a good chance to browse my favourite shops. I’d prefer to simply get a number of days to divide over the year as I see fit. That might work better also for people of other faiths. Anyhow, this one commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, and ten days after the Ascension.


After this somewhat hectic week, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening, with dinner and a trip to the theatre tonight. We had tickets to see Javier Guzman. Just got a e-mail stating the show is cancelled, because he’s been taken ill. Shame. Atleast dinner’s still on. Hope that’s the only bad thing for this here Friday the 13th.


Like an increasing number of people these days, I have a bunch of so-called content channels. Images on Flickr, feeds on Bloglines, music on Audioscrobbler, bookmarks on, events in Upcoming, to name the most important. All of which I’d somehow like to include into this site. Still haven’t found a nice form to place all this info into. I do like the way Jeremy tried the same with his Adactio Elsewhere. Maybe I’ll try my hand at something this weekend.

Update: on a similar note Multiple Site Integration. I also wanted to mention BBC Backstage, which opens up all the BBC content for the public to use.