A bunch of much needed changes were made to Upcoming.org. I’m most excited to see what will be done with the now public API. Now I’d like to be able to monitor a country instead of a bunch of metros.

Update: speaking of API’s, there’s an interesting post on Asterisk, entitled Hacking Wikipedia?, about accessing the Wikipedia API.

Happy birthday

my dad, school photo 1961

On the right you can see a school photo of my dad. It was taken in 1961 in Hoorn. He’s 53 today. Happy birthday!


Enjoying the leisure of the Easter weekend. Monday is a national holiday here, and since I’d taken yesterday off aswell, I’m enjoying 4 days of doing as little as possible. Catching up on my reading, doing some shopping. Pondering whether or not to buy the mini Dock to go with my iPod. I’m also toying with the idea of a makeover for this site, but that’s still a very new idea. Maybe something with the Nifty Corners technique. Oh, and don’t forget to adjust your clocks, since tonight is the start of European Summer Time.


Got my hands on the new album by Madrugada. It’s called The Deep End. I’ve been introduced to the band about 6 months ago, and their albums Nightly Disease and Industrial Silence have been in my player on a regular basis ever since. Though Madrugada is the Spanish word for “dawn”, they’re a Norwegian band. Regarding the title of their latest album Sivert Hoyem says,

It’s about the feeling of not being in control, the sinking feeling, the deep end of the swimming pool.

I suck at describing sounds, but I’ve seen it described as spheric and warm and reminding someone of deep Norwegian fjords, echoing against the rocks. So there you have it. Just give it a try for yourself.


I’ve given in. I bought a silver Apple iPod mini 6GB (Second-Generation) yesterday after work. Still tweaking iTunes to fit my specific needs, but I’m very pleased. Oh, here’s a link for the iTunes Windows Audioscrobbler plugin, called iScrobbler, so I can continue to use the service.

The guy in the store thought it was necessary to explain a bit about iTunes and MP3s to me. I smiled and remained polite, even though I wanted to grab him by his stupid tie and tell him I was encoding MP3s at the command-line before he probably even touched a computer. Sigh. I hate salespeople. But I love my new iPod. 🙂


Found this transcript from a talk apparently given on the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. A number of interesting points are made on the use and implementation of folksonomies at various sites.

Though I can see the practical use on sites with a large userbase, I sometimes run intro dilemmas on how to tag a photo or bookmark. Especially now that you can bundle your tags at del.icio.us. What becomes a bundle and what a tag. Or should I add them both? I’m still not sure on how to use this feature.


Here’s something I’ve learned this very evening. If you’ve dropped and broken a glass earlier, it’s not wise to then walk around barefooted.

The Machinist

Stevie: Are you okay?

Trevor Reznik: Don’t I look okay?

Stevie: If you were any thinner, you wouldn’t exist.

Just finished watching The Machinist (though not Spanish, it’s originally released as El Maquinista). It’s the story of Trevor Reznik, a lathe-operator who is dying of insomnia. If you liked Memento and Fight Club, I can truly recommend you give this one a whirl.

The trailer can be found on the Apple site. More info can be found, as always, on the IMDb.


balloonsJust in case you were wondering about the balloons on the right here, they’re here because it’s my birthday today. That’s right. Twenty-six years old as of 4 o’clock last night. Celebrations took place yesterday, which included the receiving of money. Meaning I can now treat myself to the iPod mini, which I’ve wanted to buy for a while now. So expect more on that later. For now, enjoy the rest of the day.