I’ve taken the day off from work today. Got tickets for the theatre for tonight, going to see Plien en Bianca with their new show ‘Stessen’ about a group of stewardesses. Should be fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to install myself with some tea and a book in front of the radiator.

Google Movies

Though it’ll probably never be as wonderful a resource as the IMDb, I’m quite pleased to find out about Google Movies. It allows one to search Google using the movie: prefix and then summarizes a bunch of reviews on that particular movie. Similar to the way RottenTomatoes does right now, only with fewer (ie no!) ads. (Via Slashdot, ofcourse.)

Oh, and Nijntje is 50 years old today!


I’m slowly migrating my bookmarks to my Del.icio.us. Strange how quickly I got used to using the service. Anyhow, about the migration. Unbelievable how much stuff I’ve added to my bookmarks over the years. And how seldom I use them instead of Google to retrieve something. Well, atleast this move gives me the opportunity for a nice clearout.


It’s snowing! It’s all white and soft and fuzzy. Oh, how I love winter!


flowersHappy 31st wedding anniversary to my parents. They’re taking us to De Zwaan (a restaurant) tonight, to celebrate. It’s in Katwijk and looks out over the sea. Just realised I haven’t been to the beach in ages! Might have time for a short stroll. And there’s a full moon tonight!


I’m considering buying, what is called “the poor man’s iPod”, the Medion MD 95200, with is on offer at the Aldi store at the moment. Or maybe I’ll wait a little while and get an iPod.

On the other hand, I don’t really need either. I’m already carrying to many gadgets around as it is. A phone, my palm, no less than two USB sticks (don’t ask). I commute on bike, which takes me 2×15 minutes a day. At home I play music on my PC or stereo. Same goes for work. Then why do I still feel my life would be better with yet another shiny device? Maybe I should become a budhist and the need will go away. 😉



And then it’s February 14th, aka Valentijnsdag. Therefor my nameday, since Valentijn is my surname. Such a shame the feast somehow became so awfully commercial.