small part of 'Hell'

Stumbled upon these actionfigures based on the paintings by Dutch painter Hiëronymus Bosch. Some of these are pretty cool. It also gives me the opportunity to display some of his work. On the right you can see a detail from “Hell”, which is the right panel from the triptych “Garden of Earthly Delight”.


There’s a list of CMS Don’ts and Don’ts on I’m currently working on converting two older sites into one new one. The biggest problem facing me at the moment is old (ie invalid) content which isn’t cleaned up by our CMS. So though the framework for the new site is valid XHTML, the integration of the older content makes it the site invalid. Such a shame.


Became a member of the public library a week or two ago. Hadn’t gotten round to getting a book though, since I’m still working my way trough my own bookcase. However, finished my current book this afternoon and felt like something fresh. Took me a while to decide, but I finally chose The Dream of Scipio by Iain Pears.

The book I finished, by the way, was Quinnell’s Man On Fire. Which has been recently made into a movie starring a very unlikely Denzel Washington. But I shall not judge, I have yet to see it.


Just read the news about the damage that has been done to the ancient city of Babylon by U.S. Soldiers. Unbelievable.


Continued with my viewing of the first season of Carnivàle last night. I’m trying not to watch too many in one go.

Luckily the next season is already underway, so there’s more coming. It has such a wonderful grim and ominous atmosphere. Truly a joy to watch.

Oh, you can also buy the first season on DVD now.


Plans for the RijnGouweLijn are becoming quite serious at the moment. On the one hand it would be great, because it could replace busses in the city center, and allow quick access to both the beach in the west and my parents house in the east. But on the other hand it’s rediculous to allow such a huge vehicle through the historical innercity, especially without taking the effect on bicycles into account. I wonder if we’ll be allowed to vote on the issue sometime in the future.


I ordered an indoor rower (the model D to be exact) a week or so ago. It was delivered on thursday. All I need to do now is fit it into my routine.