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Discovery Channel news reports of a sit similar to Stonehenge that has been found in Russia. Cool. Also reminds me that I’d still like to visit Stonehenge itself, despite the presence of many other tourists. Well, maybe I’ll read Sarum again first. Almost as real.

Vanilla Coke

A memorable moment, I just had my first Vanilla Coke. I hardly ever drink soda’s anymore, so a whole can was a bit of a challenge. But I’m most amazed to find out it’s got it’s own fanbase. Strange world. You find the craziest things with Google, like this Vanilla Coke Review. Can’t believe someone bothered. Then again, can’t believe I’m posting this. Forgive me.


An interesting howto on quoting text in (X)HTML and CSS.

Yet more links

Just a few things I’ve wanted to mention these last couple of days.

Is is safe?

I’m in pain. Had my follow-up at the dentist today. Spend a recordtime of 1.5 hours in the chair. My mouth is still slightly numb as the anesthetic is beginning to wear off. Apparently the whiter your teeth are, the weaker they are. So I needed a few problems fixed. Well, atleast it’s behind me for another 6 months now. To avoid the cliches I won’t mention the movie Marathon Man or maybe one of my favourite songs, which is Mouthful of Cavities. I won’t.


Cover of Anathema's A Natural Disaster

Found an interview with Travis Smith, who designed covers for bands like Opeth, Katatonia and Anathema (on the right: the cover of their A Natural Disaster). Check out his website, seempieces.


There’s a series of posts, entitled Why can’t a newspaper be more like a blog?. The author mentiones the use of a permanent archive and linkable URLs. Not to mention the lack of RSS. Though I feel that’s really improved. Some good points though.


Yes, I’ve followed the flock. I’ve joined Really like the way you can label sites anyway you like. And then find them again, when needed. I’m thinking of using a specific listing in some sort of sidebar for the upcoming new version of this site. But I’m still not sure. It’s not like I’d be the first to do this. Well, atleast it gives me a chance to dive into Magpie.

Oh, and I like, which visualises the tags used.


I really like the idea of Gravatars. Now if only I could think of a cool image for my account.

I also wanted to mention Long Bets, which features all kinds of predictions.

Books and music

Not much going on this weekend. Doing some reading and I’ve been working on an overview of the books I’ve read in some sort of chronological order. Beware, it’s still a work in progress though. And I’ve been playing the latest additions to my cd collection. My latest mailorder package was on my doormat as I arrived home on friday. I’m now the owner of Elend’s Sunwar The Dead; Nightingale’s Invisible; Sanguis Et CinisAmnesia and Raven’s Bane’s Misery Preserved. Unfortunately, the one I really wanted, Autumn Tears‘ new album Eclipse, was not in stock. I’ll have to try that one again at a later time.