Catch up

Just catching up on my reading and the news after 4 days offline.

  • LoTR RoTK extended edition specs released
  • Europeans to monitor American voters
  • Dutch singer André Hazes dies. Mass hysteria ensues.
  • The Sims 2 has been released
  • And so has the new Rammstein album, Reise Reise.



Just got back. Berlin was great. Visited the classics, like Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie where we also visited the museum.

Bought a daypass for the excellent public transport to travel through the city and back to the hotel near Charlottenburg.

Went to see Collateral, which was the only movie available in the original language, i.e. English instead of a German overdub. Das Dorf was not very appealing to me. 😉

Watched part of the inline skate event, which opened for the Berlin Marathon. Bought an original Nosferatu movie poster at the fleemarket near Tiergarten. It’s from the early nineteen twenties in a classic style. Very cool.

Update: there’s now Berlin entry in my gallery.


Started back at work again since yesterday. Catching up on my reading. And the news ofcourse. Apparently Johnny Ramone died. Now only Tommy remains. There’s also good news though, since Firefox has spread like wildfire.


Spend the last couple of days indoors, recovering from a cold. Experiencing the joys of daytime television. Not really something I’d recommend. An overdose of bad soap operas, Doctor Quinn and Oprah. Sigh.


IE only

I’m horrified by Flash123, which is a Dutch site stimulating the general public to exercise more. Nice idea. But the site won’t open in Firefox. When I open it in Internet Explorer it opens a ton of pop-ups. Not to mention the frames, the blocking of the back button and all the Flash. Sigh.

I read somewhere that the entire campaign cost the government 800.000 euros. I wonder how much of that went to the website. I should really send one or two web design postcards, beginning with the one on discrimination.


My house was full of family today, including two of my aunts, whom I hadn’t seen in ages. We all took a long walk through the city. We were in luck, since it was also Open Monumenten Dag, when most monuments are open to the public.