the plane

First of all, I finally got my hands on an MP3 Player. It’s wonderfully tiny and I can reuse the memory card from my camera. Though in time I think I’ll buy another card to make things even easier.

And then there’s the photo on the right. It’s here because I went gliding with my colleagues yesterday. I was a bit nervous when I got buckled up in the seat, since I’d seen how steep the take-off was. But it was really great, especially once the cable was released and we were flying. It’s so quiet without the usual engine sounds. I even got to see a buzzard next to the plane at one point. All in all definitely something I’d recommend you try. More pictures can be found in the gallery.

Lesson #1

Learnt a valuable lesson this morning. A normal coat will not keep you dry from rain. A raincoat will.


Sorry to talk about the weather. Again. But I’ve had it with the heat. Why is there no airconditioning here at work?

Anyhow, watched Zomergasten last night. Quite interesting, though a bit of a disappointment. Nice to finally see a part of the Bill Hicks show, the one Tool used in their Aenima song. And since the entire show is made available on the VPRO website, I can finally see the whole thing.

Weekend reading

Stanley Kubrick

A bunch of articles I plan to read but don’t have time for at this very moment.

Most links are taken from


Desperatly in need of Weegbree, since I still don’t have a decent way to keep out the bugs at night. I’ve been bitten on several inconvenient places. Sigh. There is good news though, since my dad is placing my new roof window at this very moment. More light and more air will be the result. Hurah.

Den Haag

Spend the day shopping the The Hague. Despite the heat it was still a nice day. Bought a number of things, including the following, which are the result of a successfull trip to the bookstore, Morgan’s Run by Colleen McCullough, Pauline Gedge’s Lords of the Two Lands trilogy (The Hippopotamus Marsh, The Horus Road and The Oasis) and The Long Walk by Stephen King. I’m particularly pleased with the latter, since that is one of my favourite shortstories and it was -untill now- impossible to get my hands on a copy.

King Arthur

movie poster

Just got back from the cinema. Went to see the new King Arthur movie. Though quite entertaining, it lacked much in story and depth that the original legend did have. Not to mention all the obvious inaccuracies. Shame.

By the way, it was prologued with the trailer for The Village, which really impressed me. So despite all the bad reviews, I am quite curious to see the complete film.


Finally got round to implementing some decent error handling for this site. Not only will the user get a nice error, the info is also stored in my database. Which will hopefully help me find out where possible problems exist.

The first thing that struck me was completely unexpected, though. Apparently there are a number of sites linking to images on this domain, a number of which no longer even exist. Might have to look into a way to stop that from happening, with Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention from A List Apart perhaps.