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Were planning to see Big Fish last night, but somehow it’s impossible to go to the movies on a tuesday in Leiden. So we went to the local Mexican and rented Intolerable Cruelty instead. Which was quite un-Coen, but quite entertaining nonetheless.


Apparently I’m no-http approved (via wasp).

Oh, and there’s a new alistapart.


Summertime does not agree with me. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to read an article on Guardian, about terraforming Mars. That’s the process of turning the Red Planet into a blue world and filling it with Earthly creatures. Also, found, which I’ll have to browse this evening for some interesting downloads.


flowersHappy birthday to my dad!

Went round there today, shared a nice meal. Strange, to be a guest in the house I grew up in. A dartboard now hangs on the wall of my old bedroom. Unbelievable, such a total lack of respect.

Ice Age?

The Great Conveyor Belt fascinates me. Apparently it’s the only thing between comfortable summers and a permanent ice age for Europe. Just so you know.

Battle Royale

Found out about the release of Battle Royal II . Am quite curious to see it, because I liked -as disturbing as it was- part one. The review I read wasn’t terribly possitive though.


Went to Keizer Culinair last night with most of my colleagues. We had to prepare and then eat our own meal. Had a good time, despite the presence of quite a lot of cheese.


And so you won’t think I’m just sitting around playing games here all day long, here’s a link for Adalon. It’s a tool for modelling applications, supporting the Fusebox Architecture and the Struts J2EE Framework. I need to test it more thoroughly, but it does look quite promising.

Castle of winds

Found this LotR game, which is really great. Whatever happened to the jump and run genre anyway? I loved those games. Got me bit nostaligic, and therefore thinking of Castle Of Winds. Which was crappy. But great. Maybe I’ve got it on disc somewhere.


Check out Exorcistbunnies, which is The Exorcist in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. It’s hilarious!