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More LotR today. Check out the Nit-Pickers Guide to LotR and a Movie-goer’s Guide to RotK.


Beautiful blue skies outside at the moment. But the forecast is not looking good. Snow, gusts of wind and more such fun are predicted for this afternoon. Nice. And ofcourse I’m here on my bike.
And I have even more disappointment to deal with, as I found out yesterday that the delivery of my diningroomtable is postponed once again, it should be here at the end of February now. They promised me I’d have it before christmas. Last year’s christmas, that is. Sigh.


The Oscar nominees are announced. Go LotR RotK!


Dealing With Mortality: A Skeptic’s Guide is quite fascinating. I’m sure everyone contemplates their mortality from time to time, though this can be a bit much.


Wheatfield with lark

The museum was great. Loads of tourist though. 😉 Bought a reproduction of Vincent’s Wheatfield with lark, which will -hopefully- look great on an empty piece of wall which had been annoying me for a while now.


Going to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam tomorrow. I love most of his work and though I’ve seen many of them in other museums, I’ve never been to this one before. Can’t wait.


Finally! The League of gentlemen wil air on Dutch tv. It’ll be on each week, starting next thursday. Memorise it, bribe someone to tape it for you, do what you must, but watch it!


I’m currently reading De Lege Spiegel (which translates to ‘The Empty Mirror’), by J. van de Wetering. It’s about his experiences in a Japanes Zenmonastry. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it reads very smooth. Inspiring.


Paper Craft makes my fingers itch.


My new bike

There you have it. A photo of my brand new bike. Still all nice and shiny. It’s a first for me. I’ve never owned a new bike. Only second hand ones. You might remember, I mentioned the problemes I was experiencing with my old one. Well, my parents called me on friday and mentioned they were in the hardware store, which had a sale. If I’d like one as an early birthday gift. Which isn’t ‘till 2 months. How sweet is that? So now it’s mine. All mine!