Last day

There’s been fireworks since sometime yesterday. The noisy kind, mind you, not the pretty colourful kind. Strange to think it’s already the last day of 2004. Anyhow, enjoy your evening and be careful with the fireworks. See you on the other side.


Though it rained and or snowed for most of the day, Amsterdam was still great. Didn’t even spend that much, but bought a few nice things. I also wanted to mention the Fossil watch I treated myself to last week. I’ve been unable to find a link to it on their site, but ofcourse Google helps out.


Just trying to muster up the courage to enter the supermarket, which will probably be full of post-Christmas madness. Meanwhile I’m enjoying my time of leisure. I’ve got two whole weeks off from work, you see. Finally got round to reading a stack of newspapers I hadn’t gotten around to yet. Going to Amsterdam tomorrow, to do some shopping. Don’t know what else I’ll be doing, but I’ll try to keep it all down to the bare minimum ;-).


A new issue of A List Apart brings us Cross-Column Pull-Outs on placing pictures of quotes in between columns of text. Nicely done, though it lead to a discussion on returning topic the web is not print.


Finally, a new website for Aardschok magazine. And not a moment to soon. It was stuck somewhere in the mid 90s. But this, this is just wrong. It looks a bit, well, primitive. Let’s hope the normal (ie non-christmas) skin will be better. And the concept of information architecture must have past them by. I’ve been subscribed to the magazine for quite some time now, and was actually looking forward to this. Such a shame.


It’s the shortest day of the year today, and also the first time this winter that it was below zero (-1.3°C to be exact) when I left this morning. For more info try the entries for Winter solstice and Yule at the Wikipedia.

Let there be light

burning candles

After a long period with horrible fluorescent lamps for illumination, we’ve now got decent lighting here at the office. They’ve come from Ikea in the form of the Global and the Fyllit. Combined with our christmas decorations, it feels almost homey. Who’d have thought.


Friday already. It’s been a busy week. I’ve been working on the merger of 2 existing sites, both with their own unique elements and way of doing things. All in all quite time consuming to get it in a decent fusebox, not to mention the XHTML transitional I’m trying to achieve.

In other news, there’s a new vulnerability in IE and the Firefox advertisement ran in the NY Times. Plus, I found out my hands are still itching to strive for the perfect minimalist layout.