Bought the Opeth Lamentations DVD at Velvet. Couldn’t resist. Kill Bill was great! But now I’m tired. Good night.


Spend the better part of last night packing my stuff in cardboard boxes. The move is set for this saturday. I didn’t know I had so much stuff! After I’m settled in, I’m never moving again. It’s just to much work. Look forward to tonight though, because I’m going to see Kill Bill: Vol. 1 in Trianon.


Hired a sandingmachine to do the wooden floors. Unfortunatly the powersupplies are quite old and a bit limited, so we blew out quite a number of fuses before the job was done. Which means I need to get an electrician in to expand the setup. I can’t see all my applicances working together in a friendly way as it currently is. But the floor eventually got sanded and we’ll add a few layers of varnish tomorrow.
Oh, and we were unable to get tickets for A Perfect Circle. Apparently it sold out in 15 minutes. Shame.


Yet another site with old maps of Leiden. I like maps. Might be a nice idea for one of my walls.

Shame on me

Completely forgot my referrers are still being tracked. Must have tons of records by now. Oops. I really should give my site some more attention, still have a redesign waiting in the wings. Maybe after I’ve moved into my house. For which, by the way, my fridge and washingmachine were delivered yesterdaymorning.


Just watched the trailer for Troy [IMDb], which is due for release in May. Looks good. Just occured to me that, even though I’ve read a number of books (Firebrand is one of my favourites) on the trojan war, I’ve never read the Illiad. About time I do.


CSS Vault has some nice inspirational material. Oh, and I forgot to mention the roadtrip we undertook on Saturday to find wood for my floor. Tried last week also, but with no luck. Fortunatly we were more successfull this week. And to top things of I even got to see Sinterklaas arrive, when we travelled through Vlaardingen. Can’t believe it’s already that time again.