Hey ho, let’s go

All systems are go for tomorrow. . Can’t wait!
Tomorrow is also Halloween, which is ofcourse really just Samhain. I’m a bit disturbed by the commercial push of Halloween, even though it’s not a traditional feast here. We have Sint Maarten, which is celebrated on November 11th.


I got a call from the notary this morning, that there was a delay in the paperwork for my mortgage. There are doubts whether or not everything will be on time for the transfer this friday. They might even have to postpone the appointment. I hope not. I was so looking forward to this. I hate bureaucracy! Fingers crossed everything will turn out right. Did get some good news though. My dad just rang to tell me he got his hands on a Palm Zire, which I’d wanted to buy for ages.


Wintertime started this weekend. Always a bit strange. It’ll be dark soon, dusk has already set in.

Ikea revisited

Ordered the table I’d seen last week. Unfortunatly it wasn’t in stock, but they promised me it would be here before Christmas. A spontaneous trip to Ikea followed. Bought a CD rack, four beautiful chairs, a lamp and some other bits and pieces. Which all added up to a little over € 380. Sigh. Moving out sure is expensive.