I’m not in the best of moods. Took me almost an hour and a half to get home tonight. I suspect because of the coming celebrations. I’m contemplating taking my bike the rest of the week. Luckily I found some comfort in the newly released LotR RotK trailer.


Can’t believe it’s friday again already. Only 35 more days untill I get my new keys! Oh, and I must remember to arrange for my post to be send on. Which reminds me of WoonOmgeving, which contains a bunch of old maps for The Netherlands. Can you spot my new address on this one, from 1825?


First day of autumn today, and the weather has already turned. Rain and wind is what we’re getting now. Not much going on today. Final touches on my latest project. Arranged my insurance for the house and my belonings. The only urgent thing left on my list now, is arranging the ADSL.


Got the new Aardschok yesterday. Mentioned some interesting releases, like the new A Perfect Circle, which I’ve been looking forward to. Hope it won’t disappoint. And the new Iron Maiden ofcourse. I’d almost forgotten about the concert on November 5th. Nice surprise. Another nice surprise is the new Moonspell, which I wasn’t aware of. So it appears a trip to the recordstore is required.


My parents called from Dublin last night. All’s well. They even did the Ballykissangel Tour. They’re to return on Sunday.


Can’t wait for November, so I can move into my house and take my bike to work. I’m so sick of taking the bus! It took me over an hour this morning, while it normally only takes about 25 mins. Sigh. My parents left for a few days in Dublin this morning. Ofcourse I’ve been dropping hints about the nice silver jewelry they make over there.