Just found out Discovery Civilisation has been added to the list of channels I can get. Cool. And even better news is that the order I placed earlier this week, already arrived this afternoon. So now I can add the following to my already too vast CD collection ┬╗ Antimatter – Lights out; Aesma Daeva – Eros of frigid beauty; Green Carnation – Light of day, day of darkness; Coph Nia – Shape shifter; Stille Volk – Maudat; Mourning Beloveth – Dust; Mirrorthrone – Of wind and weeping; Sephiroth – Cathedron. I am happy. ­čÖé


Just found out Keith Caputo will be playing LVC in september. Might be nice to check out.


I want a Zaurus. Shame they are so expensive. Sigh. But seriously, I’ve been interested in getting a PDA for a while now. Am a bit overwhelmed by the offerings though. Hope the PDA page at epinions can shed some light.


Working on the authentication part for some maintenance type pages for the new version of this site. Found this usefull script, which I’m trying to insert in the fusebox setup, I currently have. We’ll see.


Placed a new order with Displeased, where I get most of my cd’s from. I’ve gone a bit overboard, but what the hell. Can’t wait for it all to arrive!


My parents returned home yesterday afternoon. Celebrated this with a nice meal. Wanted to try out with my Firebird, but was advised to download Internet Explorer instead. Sigh. Meanwhile, Paperclip Art looks quite creative. So if you have some time on your hands…

Everything used to be better

album cover

Hermano certainly lived up to my expectations. Shame it only lasts 28 minutes and 3 seconds. Can’t believe they can charge ÔéČ12,50 for that. Sigh.


As you may or may not know, I have an interest for all things Arthurian. So I’m pleased to read about the movie King Arthur, which is currently in production. Atleast the story look a lot better than a number of previous attempts to bring this era to the screen.