How is it possible that Advies, which is supposed to advise governmental sites on usability and accessability, doesn’t contain a doctype and uses font-tags? I just don’t understand. Sigh.


Performing some experiments with tv and laptop linking. I want to be able to watch DVD’s on the tv. But I either get everything in black and white or very shaky. Plus, when I start a player, I only see the UI, and not the movie itself. Even booting the GeexBox didn’t work. Sigh. Hopefully I can find a solution in this thread.


What happened to Blogger? Everything looks different. Nice. Don’t have time to check the details, that’ll have to wait till morning. Anyhow, spend some time playing with the Compaq Evo, which is on loan. Very nice. Played some L7 and Maudlin of the Well, read some Dune. Going to watch Oz now.


Went to see Yes, in Ahoy Rotterdam, last night. I grew up with their albums and this was a line-up I couldn’t refuse. I’d been once before, in 1990, I think. Quite strange to see the difference with the concerts I usually visit. Hardly any band t-shirts. People were actually drinking tea and coffee, instead of carrying beer trays. Not once did I smell any weed. Very weird. But good nonetheless. They’re old, but they can still rock.


I’ve been using accesskeys for some time now, but the way it’s done at the new alistapart is quite impressive. Think I’ll use that one of the new version of this site. Oh, if possible check it in Firebird/Mozilla. Much cooler than IE.


Now that the progeny has been taken care of, I’m sure we’ll all sleep a lot better. Glad it’s almost weekend. I’m mighty tired. Not sure why, maybe because it takes so long to get dark outside. How on earth do they manage in places like Finland?