Good Friday

Yahoo has an article on a guy on Wall Street claiming to be from the future. Weird. Anyhow, it’s Good Friday today. And most people seem to have taken today of, to enjoy the long Easter Weekend. I’m still at work though. Nice and quiet.


Still don’t have the new Opeth. Hopefully tomorrow. But the new Katatonia hasn’t left my CD player since I got it last week. So maybe that’s a good thing. Otherwise I’d have to choose. And who wants to do that?


They should give the death penalty to people who wear a heavy perfume when it’s this warm. Especially on public transport. I really prefer winter. And it’s only April. Sigh.


Just found out the new Opeth, Damnation, has been released earlier this week. I thought it was delayed untill May. I have to get my hands on a copy as soon as possible!


Just finished Children of Dune. I think I’ll have a bit of a Dune break. Borrowed Greg Bear’s Blood Music, which I’ll read now. But I think I’ll continue with God Emperor of Dune after I finish that. I’ve heard it could be 23°C tomorrow. It’s not even May! I thought we were supposed to have four seasons here. Sigh.

Sunday Relaxday

Not much going on at the moment. A bit of browsing, watching The Storyteller: Greek Myths and Close-up about Edward Munch’s The Scream. Most of the day has been quiet actually. Read the Lonely Planet New York city guide. And some more Dune ofcourse. Played a bit too much Age Of Empires II. Watched a movie and some Father Ted. Getting ready to start a new week. Have another hospital appointment at 9:15 tomorrow morning. Hopefully the last one for a long time.