Selection of the photo

My brother mailed me a link to an article about a schoolteacher in Andijk. On the page you can see a picture of her class (probably late 1920s). On the bottom right a girl is named Marijt Visser. We’re pretty sure that’s our paternal grandmother. Cool huh?


I finally got round to posting the story of my ancestor Cornelis Valentijn on my site. I’m afraid it’s in Dutch, so my apologies if you can’t read it. Tomorrow is Koninginnedag (the day we celebrate the Queen’s birthday), so no work for me. Hope the sun shows itself, so I can retreat to the garden. And I still want to dive into the PostgreSQL Documentation, to see the differences between that and MySQL.

Fusebox 4

Jakob has an item on plain-text ads. Good timing, as I was just thinking of joining But I’m not sure I want any kind of ads on my site.
There’s more and more talk on Fusebox 4, which is due for release. It’s supposed to offer some nice features, like more use of XML and CFC’s to give more OO posibilities. Should be nice.


Did I mention I finished the Greg Bear I was reading? Back to Dune again. Shame the weather turned, I enjoyed reading in the garden, sitting in the sunshine. There’s only wind and rain now. I ordered some extra memory for my camera yesterday. I’m also thinking of getting a card reading device thingy. They’re on offer at Aldi. Oh, and I played Colonization. From 1994, but still one of my favourite games.


There are special Health Tips for coders. Never knew. Think I’ll take the ye olde bike to work tomorrow. That should be enough. Well, as long as I don’t get SARS.


750 LCD Powerc@m ZoomI bought the camera yesterday evening. It’s the 750 LCD Powerc@m Zoom by Trust. I’m pleased. Now I only have to finish my gallery script, so I can post some stuff. Hope I won’t run out of discspace too soon.
Oh, and how could I not mention that the first version of the Mosaic browser was released 10 years ago yesterday.


My brother recently bought this digital camera. I’m jealous. I think I’m going to buy one myself soon. In fact, I’ve even begun looking for easy photoblog type scripts and think I’ve found a rather nice one I can adapt to my needs. So soon this site will contains some pics also. Hopefully. But I don’t have a cute puppy though.