Thanks to the nice folks at Casema I’ve just had to reset all my television settings. They’ve changed all the frequenties and added a few (like Animal Planet, BBC World and The Box). Which is nice, but it sucks big time that all stations have changed. Oh, and the radio to. Nice. Just what I was looking forward to.


Today is finally the moment of truth. I’m trying to make a CSS version of my current lay-out. But I’m lost. I want it to work in both IE and Mozilla. But it doesn’t. Maybe a little break will help. Sigh. And to make things even worse, my Hellacopters cd of High Visibility keeps skipping beats. Very annoying. I did get a fresh new haircut earlier today and I’ve read the new Aardschok whilst sitting in the spring sunshine. I love winter, but spring has some nice qualities also.


My school has been renamed. Very weird. Almost like it never existed. It was the School for Communicationsystems (SvC) and it’s now called the Academy for Digital Communication (ADC). I just got back from Utrecht, because my brother got his diploma. Hurah! Weird to be back. I feel old.