I tried out the Knoppix Linux distro last night. Quite impressive. It booted the first time and recognised all my hardware. Even the obscure pieces. It automatically mounted my Windows partitions and I could use the programs with Wine. It contains loads more. Very impressive.


Je moet toch wat tijdens zo’n koffiepauze. De discussie ging vandaag over de mogelijke opvolger van Bram van der Vlugt als Sinterklaas, mits deze er natuurlijk mee wil stoppen. Wie moet deze ere-taak op zich nemen? Wij kwamen onder andere op Peer Mancini, hoewel die natuurlijk ook niet zo piep meer is. Moeilijk hoor. Heb jij nog ideëen?


I have been a fan of Ordo Equilibrio for quite some time now. Oh, I should say Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. They changed their name, you see. My current favourite song would have to be Flowers And Moonshine. You can listen to a sample on the website of their label, Cold Meat Industries. It’s perfect for a sunday afternoon. Especially when you’ve, like me, just fled to a different floor to avoid your parents, who arrived home earlier than expected. Sometimes a girl just needs some solitude.


Spend most of the day in Leiden. Tjerk got the keys to his place this morning, you see. So we went there to do some painting and stuff. It’s weird, because it’s still unreal. I can’t imagine what the house will be like next week. Anyhow, I think I’ll stay at home tomorrow. There are plans of going to Ikea, and I don’t think I can take that on a Sunday.
Today is also the day Sinterklaas arrived on our coast. Can’t believe it’s already that time of year.


Just found out the Danzig gig has been cancelled. Apparently Glenn didn’t like the size of the stage. Sigh. What kind of reason is that?