It’s a day for movies, because it’s misty outside and I don’t really feel like going anywhere anyway. Plus, I promised myself I wouldn’t spend to much time behind the computer, as my shoulder’s been aching the last few days. I watched About a Boy this afternoon, which I was pleasently surprised by.
The evening is for 2 remakes. First, I’m going to watch Insomnia, which is a remake from a Norwegian movie from 1997. The original is supposed to be better, but since I’ve yet to see both, I’ll keep an open mind. Later on tonight I’m going to tape the original Cape Fear, which is from 1962. I haven’t seen it, but the remake from 1991 is one of my favourites.
Oh, just found some interesting trivia on the IMDb site. Did you know Hugh Grant is usually dubbed in French versions by actor Vincent Cassel. The bizar world of dubbing. I can’t understand why anybody would prefer that to subtitles. Sigh. Anyhow, have a good evening.


Why do the last minutes of the day sometimes seem to last forever? Maybe if I could stop jawning, maybe that would help. Well, atleast I don’t have to go very far, because I’m having dinner with Tjerk. For the first time since he moved into his new place. Quite strange. All grown-up. Well, almost.

Movies & fabric

Just watched the new trailer for LoTR2: The Two Towers. Can’t wait for it to premiere. I believe it’ll be December 18th. I borrowed a Futurama DVD box ealier this week, and was planning to watch it this weekend. But I still haven’t gotten around to it.

Spend most of yesterday reading and went to Leiden today, to buy way to much fabric. Beautiful green wool and a lovely tweed, to feed my addiction for wintercoats. Can’t wait for them to be ready. Well, maybe I’ll get round to Futurama tonight. Who knows.


It’s been a week of non-events. First the Danzig gig on wednesday, which was cancelled. And now I’ve also deceided not the go the HCC, like I do most years. I just want to relax this weekend. No hassle. There’s been far to much of that lately, which Tjerk moving out and everything. It’s strange, because he spend his first night in the new place, last night. But it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Sure it will.


National Geographic did a Geographic Survey. Results are shocking. Nearly 30 percent of those surveyed could not find the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest body of water. U.S. was worst, Sweden best. I wonder how The Netherlands would have done.