I was walking to the busstop this morning, when I noticed a peacock standing near the road. It then calmly crossed the rounabout and went on it’s way, out of my site. Very surreal. You know what else is surreal? It looks like I still have a chance of getting ADSL. Hurah! Apparently it’s supposed to be available as of the end of this year. Can’t wait.


I love it when somebody gives me icecream when it’s too hot to even blink your eyes, let alone write ColdFusion that’ll make sense in a week or two.

Onieuw tropisch

Het blijft tropisch, de komende paar dagen. Net zoals gisteren gaat ook vandaag de temperatuur richting de 30°C. Het eerste tropische weekeinde deze zomer toog Nederland massaal naar het strand. Met kilometers file als gevolg. Zucht. Was het maar winter…

Open your eyes

I watched Vanilla Sky last night. I had wanted to see that for a while, but never got around to it. Though somewhat strange and confusing, I did like it. And I think it’ll improve with a second viewing. I was also impressed with the variation of the soundtrack. I am quite curious now about Abre los ojos, which is the original Spanish movie on which VS was based. Especially since I just noticed it got a higher rating on the IMDb.


Just what I needed » YahooPOPs! is an open-source initiative to provide free POP3 access to your Yahoo! Mail account. YahooPOPs! is available on the Windows and Unix platforms. And if you need some brain exercise, here are a number of Riddles.