Choices, choices

I’ve finished Jean Auel’s The Shelters Of Stone. Sigh. Can’t wait untill I can start with the next book, but it’ll probably take some time before that one will be released. Shame. Maybe I can start all over once more, starting from part one. But I’ve also gotten some new books from the library. So I might read those first. Among the ones I’ve chosen are King Hereafter: A Novel by Dorothy Dunnett, Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary by Linus Torvalds and The Blackstone Chronicles by John Saul. I was also hoping to read Douglas Adams’ classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I was unable to get my hands on a copy at short notice. So that one will have to wait.


I’ve just got back from my brothers presentation. He had to defend his thesis, which he did successfully. Hurah! And now I’m going to pack for my week in France, next week. We’re leaving tomorrow, quite early to beat the traffic. It’ll be strange to sleep in my tent again. That’s been a while. But I’m looking forward to it. And even weirder to be without equipment to get online. Well, I might have a change to dash into an Internet cafe. ­čÖé Or maybe I can use my mobile phone to blog and check my mail. That’ll have to do.


I’m listening to Danzig’s latest, which is called 777: I Luciferi. I like what I’ve heard. As I just read on Amazon ┬╗ Danzig’s new album is easily the best thing Glenn Danzig has done in ten years, topping even Danzig 4. Well, I like Danzig 4 a lot and I have only heard the new album once, so I don’t know about that. But it’s definitly an improvement on his previous few works, because they were disappointing, to say the least. Glad I bought it.


There are some weird Quizzes at Seethru. The entire site is weird, actually. But in a cool way.


Back at work today. Why is monday so difficult on some days. I just can’t seem to focuss. Meanwhile, one of my mailaccounts is being bombarded by the W32.Yaha.E@mm virus. Sigh. Last night my brother and I rented Battle Royale [IMDb] on DVD. It’s a Japanes movie, starring Takeshi Kitano, about 42 high school students, who are forced to kill each other on an uninhabited island. Though disturbing, I enjoyed it considerably more than Dude, Where’s My Car?, which we also rented, and was quite bad.


Another relaxing weekend. I’ve been doing some reading in the garden, when the weather was nice. And when it wasn’t I’ve been working on a new PHP/MySQL version of my blog. I have some cool features in mind, which I’ll get into in weeks to come. But I think -hope- it will be an improvement.


I’m currently listening to Celestial Season, and their beautiful song ‘Outshine’. Shame they split up. Anyhow, here’s the end of the song.

‘m restless in a world where all the eyes are meant to see

I’m restless in a world with all the shiny jewellery

I’m restless in a world where all the lies are meant to be

if I had a chance I would turn the world to blue

if I ruled the world I gave that world to you


I’ve just read an item on the upcoming release of Windows XP’s successor at Tweakers. It’s called Longhorn (this is a direct link to a zip file, which contains the movie in wmv format). Smooth and all, but I’m not impressed. Hope it’s a very early beta. If it even is serious. But interesting to see though.