I’m not sure what the folks at Yahoo are up to, but it doesn’t please me. Earlier this month I received the news that they’ll stop their POP and SMTP features, and now I’m reading on Slashdot about how “they have kindly reset everyone’s marketing preferences“. Not nice at all. Sigh. Well, since it’s easter, you might aswell check out these easter eggs. And here is some info about Summertime, which has started last night.
In other news, Britain mourns Queen Mother, who died in her sleep on Saturday afternoon at the age of 101.


I’ve called the Informatie Beheer Groep earlier today, because I’m still using my student public transport card, which I should have handed in the moment I graduated. Apparently there will be a fine in it for the month of March. Probably about €150. Damn. So this means I have to hand in my card before April 1st, or else I’ll be fined for April also. Sigh. This will be very hard to give up. I’ll have to pay for my public transport once more. Not nice. I’d better hurry up with that driver’s license…


Here are the lyrics for Lost Control, by Anathema. It’s what I woke up to, since it was still in my CD player. And simply because I love this song. I just found out on the website that guitarist Daniel Cavanagh is leaving the band. Shame.

Life has betrayed
me once again,
I accept that some things
will never change.
I’ve let your tiny minds
magnify my agony,
and it’s left me with a
chem’cal dependancy for sanity.

Yes, I’m falling…
how much longer till I hit the ground?

I can’t tell you why
I’m breaking down.
Do you wonder why
I prefer to be alone?
Have I really lost control?

I’m coming to an end,
I’ve realised what I could have been.
I can’t sleep so I take a breath
and hide behind my bravest mask,
I admit I’ve lost control.


The new SuSE Linux, version 8.0, will be available from mid-april 2002! The scrreenshots look very good. I’m still browsing around and I’ve installed Mandrake 8.2 last night, but I’d like to try out the new Suse also. Shame it’s not completely open source, which means it’s not freely downloadable.

I’m not in much of a working mood today, people. The sun is out and half the world has taken the day off. It’s Good Friday (the Friday on which the Church keeps the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ), you see. Well, at least I have monday off, because of Easter. I’m an atheist, but I can appreciate a day of from work as much as the next person.

Oh, I just wanted to mention this page with some nice Paint Shop Pro and CSS tutorials. Enjoy.


Lord Of The RingsYou might have already seen it elsewhere, but I just wanted to mention that there finally is some news on the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD release, which I found via the Slashdot post “One DVD To Rule Them All“. Apparently there will be a “4-hour, R-rated cut of the film debuting in a 4-disc set on November 12th”. Very cool. Can’t wait!

I’m glad the weather has improved. Somehow the beginning of spring has meant the temperatures have dropped (it was only 0.3° Celcius when I left for work this morning!), but it is alo wonderfully sunny. Ironically enough it might be the best weather we’ve had all winter.

Some other stuff I wanted to mention » A RIP for actor Dudley Moore, who died yesterday, at the age of 66. In case you’re an overprotective parent, the Wherify GPS Personal might be for you. And this article about lawsuits against Dutch companies concerning slavery (in Dutch, sorry). I understand where there coming from, but come on, it’s 350 years ago!


Happy birthday to my dad, who has turned 50 today! Born exactly half a century ago on March 28th 1952. Check out this Time Capsule for more info on that date (or any other for that matter).