Some great Lists here, people. How about “Yes, but Jesus wasn’t nailed to a block of cheese, was he?” from “Quoting My Philosophy Professors out of Context” by Jeremy Richards.


I’ve just received some mail about Ozzfest 2002, which is being held on June 1st 2002 in Nijmegen (Goffertpark). Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer and Tool. Oh yeah! I’m *there*. Especially since Dynamo Open Air has been cancelled this year and Graspop doesn’t offer me much (yet). Or maybe I’ll do both. I’ll have to see.


Just to keep you up-to-date, I’m doing some work on the ADoE website, but I’m a bit stuck at the moment. So to get some inspiration, I’m looking into some other things, like WebFX, which contains some cool dynamic HTML samples. And, inspired by a documentary on the subject I’ve seen on Discovery earlier this week, I’m doing some research on Qigong. I’ve also finally called the ANWB for information on my drivers license, because that is way too long.
And because I was feeling brave I also called my school to ask after the procedures in rounding up my affairs. I have to fill out a lot of forms, and then only the official ceremony will stand in between my diploma and myself. Very exciting. And quite strange also. For the first time in about 20 years I can not call myself a student. I’ll be an official member of the workforce. Wow.


I don’t feel much like posting today. It was not one of my better ones. Doesn’t promise much for the rest of the week. Well, maybe things will pickup. I must try to not be so gloomy. Lighten up or something. Sigh. Anyhow, to add something to entertain you with I’ve decided to add the lyrics for one of my favourite My Dying Bride songs. It’s ‘From Darkest Skies‘, from their album ‘The Angel And The Dark River’.

“Take your own
Sick with fever
And cry out loud
to God
Your sorry own
Will be piled upon me
That I can’t see
My God
I’ve cried for earth
More than once
But rivers still run
With reddest tears
Be lost in me
And I’ll never need to ask
Who wants me? Who wants Me?
Be mine tonight. The sight of your light
I’ll breathe in you. I’m a fool, just for you
I’m in pain
And I don’t know why
Under heavy rain
From darkest skies
We’re in pain
The two of us
And I no longer know
Which way to go
Open wide. Let me see
Your bleeding heart cries for me
Look straight up. Look at the sun
This song’s for her. Her requiem
Open wide. Let me see
A poisoned soul in agony
Self pity strangles me
I’m lashed by grief
And I’m killing me
Don’t fear. My fire is enough
For both of us”


I didn’t get around to mentioning it yesterday, but I’ve updated my entire Mythology section in the last week or so. I just need to add a few more pictures and maybe some links to specialised sites. And then I can get started on a new project.