Bij Lars lees ik het volgende » “Band of Brothers op SBS6. Ik ben blij dat ik de serie op de BBC heb gevolgd. Het commerciële SBS6 zendt het uit, dus dat betekent minstens vier reclame-onderbrekingen per uur.” Ik ben het er totaal mee eens. Schandalig. En het was net zo’n prachtige serie. Er was trouwens nog iets wat ik wilde zeggen, maar dat ben ik inmiddels alweer vergeten. Ik word echt oud.


Digital lifestyle on display » “‘The important thing with this is that the web becomes the hub’, explains Mr Burwood. ‘So the information is supplied to us where we want it, when we want it, how we want it.'” Cool idea, but not at the current speeds. Once again I’ll comment, I want ADSL! Sigh.

Conveyor Belt

You’ve probably seen it, I sure have. I’m talking about that documentary on the Discovery Channel, about the Oceanic Conveyor Belt and it’s impact on our climate. This could be the cause of the coming Ice Age. Very cool stuff. And as I felt like browsing right now, I searched for it on Google. This lead to this article and this one. Just in case you’re interested.


I’m reading up on the possibilities of DHTML Filters. I’m looking for a way to display all images on a site with a certain palette. And I was hoping to use the Mask Filter. But that seems to work on transparant images only. So I’ll have to look for a different solution. But what?


“Excessive cravings do not necessarily involve physical substances. Gambling can become compulsive; sex can become obsessive. One activity, however, stands out for its prominence and ubiquity–the world’s most popular leisure pastime, television. Most people admit to having a love-hate relationship with it.” » read more on Television Addiction at Scientific American.