Went to Den Haag with my mom today (I had the day off, you see). Unfortunately it rained most of the day, but we still had a good time. When we got home a surprise was waiting for me, since my package from Large had arrived. Hurah! So now I’m the proud owner of Danzig’s first untitled album, Judas Priest with Unleashed in the East, and the Blue Oyster Cult double-CD pack, which contains their albums Cult Classics and Heaven Forbids. So I’m going to play some music now. Bye.


Just browsing through the Google Blog directory, and vanity caused me to search for myself. I found one result, for “I’m not sure that the design for The Hermit’s Tower is supposed to look like it does on a Mac – but it’s an enjoyable read, so I’ll forgive it quite a lot.” I feel special. ­čÖé

Sliding doors

Bit of a theme night yesterday. First I watched Frasier, the episode called Sliding Frasiers, where two different scenarios of Frasier’s Valentine’s Day take place all dependant on events early in the show. After that I watched the excellent movie Lola Rennt (1998), which has a similar story.
“At home, Lola gets a call from her frightened boyfriend who has lost a large amount of gang money he was smuggling into the country. His only chance of staying alive is if she can get replacement cash to him in twenty minutes. Lola decides to try her father at the bank where he works. But exactly how things will turn out depends crucially, almost to the second, on how she sets off on her errand.”
Ofcourse this has gotten my to wonder, what could have been different in my life, dependant not only on the big decisions you make, but also the little ones you make all the time every day. I wonder.


Just reading some info on VirusAlert about the latest mail virus. I to have been bombarded with mails with only the subject “Re:” and sometimes with an attachment. Why do people create these things. Sigh. Luckily Yahoo webmail filters most of the crap for me.


Yesterday, Tjerk bought the Wrox book ‘Professional Apache‘ ┬╗ “You will learn from the author’s real-world knowledge of Apache’s intracacies and quirks, including undocumented information gleaned from the Apache source-code and his administration experience. With this book, you will avoid the pitfalls and do it right first time.”
I’ve flipped through it last night, and I must say, it looks pretty cool. I’ll have to have a closer look this weekend. Also I’ll try and post some of the pictures I’ve made with our new camera.