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Looking for some humor » I Hate Computers: Volume 3. Great chapter titles, like “Josef Stalin’s grave was a Communist plot.” and “I love kids, but I don’t think I could eat a whole one.”

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The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

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Palette Master is a great tool. You can select a base color and at the click of a button, instantly generate a 42 color palette that is perfectly complimentary to your base color! This comes in very handy when designing a site.

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Just in case you’re interested, I’ve been doing some updates on the website for Nederlandse Transplantatiestichting (NTS) and now I’ll be working on the e-Vision website.

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Slashdot has a rather interesting article on Globalization and it’s consequences today.

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Tomorrow is Hallowe’en, or Samhain, the Celtic festival marking the start of winter. This year, the Hunter’s Moon will be shining down on the fesitivies, reaching the peak of its illumination at 43 minutes after midnight EST.

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This new book, entitled Web Redesign: Workflow That Works looks very interesting. Definately one for the wishlist.

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I love T-Shirt Hell, it’s “where all the bad shirts go”.

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Check this out, an article called “Tim Berners-Lee on Microsoft’s Latest Browser Tricks” and a website entitled “Living Without Microsoft” » “We created Living Without Microsoft because the market dominance of Microsoft leads many non-technical people to assume that there really is no alternative to using its software. In many cases, there are real alternatives, and our aim is to help you find them.”

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As you may have noticed, since I’m posting again, I’m done with the exam. Hurah! And I have to say I’m actually quite positive. So fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Because I have such a lousy connection to Utrecht with the bus and train, I was over 45 minutes early on the central station. To kill some time I checked out the latest books at the Bruna store. It’s Tolkien everywhere. Special edition after special edition. Quite scary and commercial. Anyhow, I also wandered through the Free Record Shop, which ironically isn’t free at all but one of the countries most expensive record store, when I found the video for Absolutely Fabulous’ Last Shout movie. The only parts of the show I hadn’t gotten on tape yet. It as only fl.14 so I couldn’t really resist. All in all, a good day. Also, I didn’t have to wait for eons at the busstop on my way back, since my mum was kind enough to pick met up from Alphen Station. Nice eh?