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I’m reading an article entitled “Linux: Its history and current distributions” on the IBM website. It has actually got me thinking about adding a category about Tech related pages to this website. Some OS, a bit CSS, XML, CFML and some PHP maybe. That would be nice. Hmm. Have to have a think about that a bit later.

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I’m currently installing Red Hat Linux, version 7.1. I want to see the differences between a few of the more popular distro’s before I stick with one. But the older versions of Red Hat, which I’ve tried in the past, where very good. So I’m positive about the outcome. Also there are more books about the Red Hat distro than the Slackware one.

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It’s over! I’ve done it. I’ve held my presentation. I was very nervous at first, but when I was into it, things got better. I did talk way to fast though, but okay. I got graded a few minutes after the presentation and the question round. I got a nine (9)! Hurah. I’m so glad all that’s over with. Now I have only 2 exams to pass and I’ll get my diploma. Can’t wait! And I want to thank Bart for his card, and Dirk for the SMS. Thanks guys, very sweet. Well, I’m going to chill on the couch for a while now.