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Only one more hour! Did you know today is Friday, Aug. 31, the 243rd day of 2001. There are 122 days left in the year. There are only 123 days to go before the introduction of the Euro. Just so you know.

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I’ve finally found a moment to test blogBuddy, the Windows Application, which allows you to post to Blogger. Too bad you can’t save your posts offline, untill you’re ready to publish online. But maybe in a next version. Who knows.
Today is my last day on the job. I’ve placed all my files in a directory, which will be burnt to CD later. That way I have everything right at hand. Smart eh? I’m just tidying up some loose ends now, cleaning out my mailbox. Making sure Outlook sends everything to my Yahoo! account. Backing up my favourites. That’s about it really. Strange idea. But I’ll be back at the end of October, early November. I bought vlaai this morning, to celebrate the successfull ending of my working days.
Well, let’s see how and if the publishing will work with this here blogBuddy. Here we go. Hold on!

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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, I’ve got a secret. Lean in, click here, and download to your hearts content. Just don’t tell anyone. Our little secret, okay?

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Denial and the Ravaging of Cyberspace » “Back in the summer of 1993, ‘cyberspace had remained practically free of advertisements, but marketers were beginning to eye the medium.’ Eight years later, Weber wrote, ‘it’s difficult to remember that quaint, commercial-free Internet. Marketers didn’t just eye the medium — they conquered it.’ He added: ‘The Internet has been transformed largely into a place of commerce.'” (via Slashdot)

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All Look Same » Test your Asian aptitude. My score was hopeless. Damn it’s hard! I wonder how I’d do in a test with people from the northern parts of Europe.