Installing Linux

The dumbing-down of programming, by Ellen Ullman. “The author of “Close to the Machine” installs Linux on one of her computers — and realizes why so many engineers are embracing the joys of difficult computing. Ullman’s two-part article considers why it’s important for software developers to work closely with code — and what they and we lose when their tools “protect” them from the inner workings of their products.”


I’ve spent yesterday moving stuff from the old office to the new one. The plan was to go on friday (tomorrow), but the patience had run out and the schedule changed. When I got to work yesterday morning, the network was already down. So nothing work-related to do for me then. It was a good day nonetheless. Although far too warm for my liking. The only thing I could do yesterday evening was sink into a deep couch coma.
So this morning I started in the new location. Had to look up the busroute though. I hate going somewhere I’ve never been before, by public transport that is. It always goes wrong somehow and you arrive way to late, or on time but in a total panic, because you had to search for such a long time. Fortunately I had already been here yesterday, so I was able to recognize my busstop. Phew. And after some tweaking of the new LAN settings I am now online and able to continue my work. Think I’ll check Slashdot first, though. Oh, and I haven’t checked my Yahoo! mail in two days. Maybe I can do that now to.


I’ve had it with today. My shoulder hurts. Everbody is quite active here, as we will be moving on Friday, to the Rooseveltstraat in Leiden. So people are filling boxes, and packing stuff. Hard to focuss in the midst of such activities. And I wasn’t even in a very active mood today. Sigh. It’ll be strange to go to school in Utrecht next week for my exam. Have to do a lot of work this weekend. And I have to get on with the coding, here at work, tomorrow. I’m at the threshold between design and development, and I have to get myself to cross it. Also it saddens me that Tjerk is no longer working at the moment. He had to go, because business wasn’t very good, where he was. He’ll start a new job in a few weeks. But in the meantime he can sleep in every day. Plus I don’t have anyone to mail with, as frequently as we did.


I’ve entered a whole new world, one of ringtones and icons and covers and strange accessories. The world of the mobile phone. I think I’ll go for the Knight Rider ringtone. Which is (long live copy paste!) C2(1/8) Cis2(1/16) C2(1/16) G2(1/8) P(1/8) C3(1/8) Cis3(1/16) C3(1/16) G2(1/8) P(1/8) C2(1/8) Cis2(1/16) C2(1/16) G2(1/8) C3(1/8) Ais2(1/8). So, there you have it.


This will definately be very cool, once I get my phone. Did I mention, my brother has deceided to order one too? Well, he is. What is happening to us? We will be assimilated.


Just had a meeting about my current status and activities. Showed my creations. Seemed to go okay. Had cake again today. Wow, not good for me, but a great way to start the week. Then we sat outside for a bit. Others have to feed their nicotine addiction. I just enjoyed the weather. So here we are. 11:36 and still hardly any action. Better get to it.


Graspop 2001 » Pist.on has been added to the line-up! They were supposed to play a few years back, but didn’t. A second chance. Hurah.

Iron age

Just watched another episode of ‘Surviving the Iron Age’. “Surviving the Iron Age is an experiment in living history. Seventeen volunteers, including three children spent seven weeks experiencing life as it might have been in an Iron Age hillfort in West Wales.” Good idea for a show. Shame they spend so much time on sorting out the group and the interaction, instead of experiencing life as it might have been back then.
I wonder if there will be a show called ‘Surviving the 20th Century’ in about 2000 years. Will the people on strange planets go and live in small flats with nothing but work and television for their entertainment?