End of year

Today is the last day of the year. Wow. In case you want an overview, there’s an interesting 2001 news listing at Nu.nl. A lot can happen in a year. Also, I’ve asked around and it appears I am the only one who can’t see my site. Quite bizar. It most have something to do with this PC. But I don’t get it. Therefor, I’ll simply keep on posting, like nothing is wrong, and see what happens when I get back to work this wednesday. Anyhow, don’t eat to many Oliebollen and be careful with the fireworks. See you on the other side!


I’m entering panic mode again. I just realised that the Blogger Hack might have something to do with the fact that I can’t get into my site. Though Blogger seems to be able to post properly. Help. I would REALLY like to get to my admin area and change my FTP password right now.


We went for a delicious pizza at Il Duomo in Alphen yesterday evening. Today is just a typical lounge around kind of sunday. Still can’t get to my site though. Sigh. And I would really like to upload my new files now. Well, I’d better stay hopeful. Maybe later on. It has started to snow again. But the ground is to warm, so it won’t stick. No sleigh rides for me today, I’m afraid.

Winter Solstice

Tomorrow morning, December 30, 2001, at 5:40 a.m. EST, before dawn, the moon becomes full. As this is the full moon closest to the Winter Solstice, that means that tonight, Dec. 29/30, will be the longest night of the year to be lit by a full moon in North America. In Europe, the moon does not become full until after dawn, 10:40 GMT, and so the night of Dec. 30/31 will be the longest full moon night. No matter the length of the night, the full moon always rises at dusk and sets at dawn. Thus, this night’s full moon, often called The Long Night’s Moon, will be in the sky longer than any other full moon of the year. (Info thanks to Hester.)


Today’s Word at A.Word.A.Day is Hearken. Which means 1. to pay attention; listen and 2. to return to a previous subject. Just so you know. Interesting site, by the way.


My site appears to be offline. Don’t you hate it when that happens. A small panic appears in the back of your brain, but you try to stay calm. FTP doesn’t work either. Oh no! I’d better give it some time. I think I can manage half an hour, before crumbling into small pieces. Meanwhile, I’m working on some cool improvements offline. I’ve added some classes to the blog output, which I can then manipulate with my stylesheet. I just can’t show you, because I can’t get to my files. Sigh.


Not much going on today. Just watching some tv, checking my email, listening to the wind, contemplating life. You know, the usual. About that wind, it has really picked up since yesterday. I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today. Can’t believe it will be 2002 in a few days. Very strange. And on top of that the expected chaos with the introduction of the Euro. That will be weird. Anyhow, have a good day today. Take it easy.


I’ve just uploaded the latest version of this site. So it’s all new and crispy fresh. Nice huh? I’ve had a bit of a clean out on the change the style page, because there were to many styles that didn’t add much and didn’t look properly with IE6. Hope you like it.