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Week 201714

Google tries to define a valid family. Predictable awfulness ensues.
The effort resulted from a trendy idea in DRM circles: the "authorized domain," which would be a "family’s worth" of devices that could be authorized to share content.
Watch: Gary Robbins finishes Barkley Marathons six seconds short of 60-hour cut-off |
My Fully Optimized Life Allows Me Ample Time to Optimize Yours – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
To really take it up a notch, add four acacia thorns and a half-teaspoon of Tibetan monk tears.
Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It?
I quit Twitter to join a kinder, nicer, decentralized open source version of Twitter.
Trump’s Patriarchal Counter-Revolution | New Republic
Sexism is making a comeback under the president and his heavily male administration, sparking a renewed war over gender equality.
How Nutritious Is Human Flesh?
Being a woman in programming in the Soviet Union
What the EU27 wants from Brexit

Week 201713

Which non-technology book has influenced you the most and why?
Ask Hacker News
This is what a news organization built on reader trust looks like
NYU professor explains why he’s working with De Correspondent on its U.S. launch — and why figuring out a trusted membership model is key to journalism’s future.
Henry Rollins on defining success
Programmer Competency Matrix
Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to sell your web browsing history
Internet providers now just need a signature from President Trump before they’re free to take, share, and even sell your web browsing history without your permission.
William Powell dies at 66 – LA Times
author of counterculture manifesto ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’
Caballo Blanco’s Last Run
The Micah True Story –
The ‘Hidden Figures’ Costume Designer
on Dressing Taraji P. Henson as an Early-’60s, Barrier-Busting NASA Mathematician
Climate Change List

Week 201712

the keto diet
The truth behind the world’s most cutting-edge, fat-burning performance meal plan
The Good Country
Low Carb High Healthy Fat Diet
The Story of Ishi
Dystopian dreams
how feminist science fiction predicted the future
Cigarette cards
The life hacks of 100 years ago
Can Chivalry Be Anything Other Than Chauvinism in 2017?

Week 201711

What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored
I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it | Tim Berners-Lee
It has taken all of us to build the web we have, and now it is up to all of us to build the web we want – for everyone
In AMP we trust
Google have provided a list of best practices for making fast web pages, but the only way they can truly verify that a page is sticking to those best practices is by hosting their own copy, URLs be damned.
Project 1917
Lets you relive the events of the 1917 Russian Revolution from letters, photos, videos, and texts written at the time.
The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel
New banknote series
New Norwegian banknotes. I miss the gulden. Sigh.

Week 201710

This Student’s Secret Abortion Shows Why Thousands Of Irish Women Will Strike Next Week
Twelve Irish women a day travel to England for terminations, costing them up to £2,000 each. Others risk their freedom by buying illegal abortion pills online.
Iditarod Adventure
Photographing the Iditarod, the world’s “last great race”
Speldwijzer – Test uw politieke voorkeur!
Introducing Similarity Search at Flickr
Guy Takes Characters from Renaissance Paintings
and Photoshops Them Into the Present
Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a feminist parable for everyone – including me | Anthony Head
Things are super weird right now, but it’s not a glitch in the Matrix, says Harvard physicist
at some point in the future, our technology would be so advanced, a single computer could simulate the entire mental history of humankind, using less than one-millionth of its processing power for 1 second.
Inside the cruellest RollerCoaster Tycoon park ever created
Trump Regrets (@Trump_Regrets) | Twitter
Retweeting everyone who regrets voting for Trump.

Week 201709

Bootstrap Vue
Twitter Bootstrap 4 Components For Vue.js 2
Ik testte 100+ vpn-diensten, en dit zijn de beste 5 –
Programmers are confessing their coding sins to protest a broken job interview process
Data from connected CloudPets teddy bears leaked and ransomed, exposing kids’ voice messages
Just starting out? Ditch the “full stack developer” label
“Full stack” is far too bullshitty to do you any good.
Love the clean look of this site
Robert teaches you sign language through animated GIFs
City of Vancouver’s disastrous new logo
Five Amazing Women Warriors of the Middle Ages |
My ideal night on the town in the afternoon
On afternoon gigs. Why aren’t there more of them for the over-40s?
18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches
Numantia–or Don’t Mess with Rome

Week 201708

Never bring your phone on an international flight unless you want US Border Control and Customs to take your data
Arabic Words Illustrated to Match Their Literal Meaning
Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan J. Fowler
Intricately illustrated print ads to highlight gender divide at work
How did Europe become the richest part of the world? | Aeon Essays
In a time of great powers and empires, just one region of the world experienced extraordinary economic growth. How?

Week 201707

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone – The Verge
No way am I going to the US anytime soon..
Our Family’s Trick for Good Sleep
Recently, though, I found the humidifier of my dreams.
Curated list of falsehoods programmers believe in
Web Field Manual
curated list of resources focused on documenting only the best knowledge for designing experiences and interfaces on the web.
New ASLR-busting JavaScript is about to make drive-by exploits much nastier | Ars Technica
Tekenaar Dick Bruna (89) overleden | NOS

Week 201706

The future is mixed-race and that’s a good thing for humanity | Aeon Essays
My dad predicted Trump in 1985 – it’s not Orwell, he warned, it’s Brave New World
Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevante.
Want to Boost Employment? Get Rid of the 8-Hour Work Day | Big Think
Ed-Tech in a Time of Trump
Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast – The New Yorker
We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus
Sulphuric rain? Easy. Not burning up at 500°C or crushed by 90 atmospheres? Hard.
21 Wonderfully Stupid Life Hacks
How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs
A great disturbance in the force…
History of the IMDB message boards, soon to be taken offline

Week 201705

These photos show what everyday life under fascism looked like
This 100-Year-Old Dutch Movement Shaped Web Design Today
Primary colors, clean lines, asymmetrical simplicity: You might recognize them from Google, but they come from De Stijl.
Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich – The New Yorker
Some of the wealthiest people in America—in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond—are getting ready for the crackup of civilization.
YouWHAT – Mefi Wiki
All the threads that have exposed the shocking practices of our fellow Metafilterians.
The Internet Health Report
What’s helping (and what’s hurting) our largest shared global resource
Stonehenge, Easter Island, Venice
Climate Change Will Destroy Human History | Motherboard
Lijsttrekker Ancilla van de Leest van de Piratenpartij – Ask me Anything
Best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans
Trainspotting (1996) — Art of the Title
Guided meditation for beginners (for free) from QuietKit
In Venezuela, we couldn’t stop Chávez. Don’t make the same mistakes we did.
I’m Loyal to Nothing Except the Dream
Jeff Atwood reacts to the Trump presidency
Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over | Vanity Fair
Mobile 2.0