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Week 201817

Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change.
Designer Challenges Himself To Create Logos With Hidden Meanings For A Year
At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives
The Almosts and What-ifs of ‘Sliding Doors’
20 years after its release, the Gwyneth Paltrow movie lives on as a piece of pop psychology. Writer-director Peter Howitt explains how ‘Sliding Doors’—the film and the phenomenon—got made.
Pure CSS Francine
HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting. Hand-coded entirely in HTML & CSS.

Week 201816

Roadburn 2018 zoekt avontuur op scherpst van de snede
mermaid · GitBook
a simple markdown-like script language for generating charts from text via javascript
‘There Is No Public Internet, and We Are the Closest Thing to It’
A conversation with Katherine Maher about Wikipedia’s nonprofit structure and what incentive-based media models lack.
From Game of Thrones to The Crown | The Guardian
the woman who turns actors into stars
YouTube Struggles With Plan to Clean Up Mess That Made It Rich – Bloomberg
Extremist propaganda, dangerous hoaxes, videos of tasered rats—the company is having its worst year ever. Except financially.

Week 201815

An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It
Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong — from the architects who built it.
A crummy drop-down menu appeared to kill dozens of mothers in Texas
The World According to TV News Maps
How can one not believe in god as the root cause of the universe? – Philosophy Stack Exchange
Some great answers here..
R. Lee Ermey, Harsh Drill Instructor in ‘Full Metal Jacket,’ Dies at 74
Critical Alignment Yoga
Interview with Gert van Leeuwen
Restaurant noise levels are climbing. Here’s how to fight back. – Vox
Why restaurants became so loud
BBC Sound Effects
collection of over sixteen thousand sound effects that the British Broadcating Corporation has collected and made through the years. The archive is fully searchable, and you can listen to it all on the site or download them as wav-files.
Jacinda Ardern wears Māori cloak to Buckingham Palace
My Favorite PostgreSQL Queries and Why They Matter
Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans? – The Atlantic
the more sustainable your civilization becomes, the smaller the signal you’ll leave for future generations.
It’s time to give Firefox a fresh chance – The Verge
Chrome has outgrown its competition in a way that’s unhealthy.
a face-detection library in 200 lines of JavaScript
CSS Gradient Rounded Borders
What Does The Amazon Echo Look Mean For Personal Style? – Racked
Style Is an Algorithm. No one is original anymore, not even you.
OLPC’s $100 laptop was going to change the world
— then it all went wrong – The Verge
The Résumé – The Ringer
The Winding, Everlasting Career of William H. Macy
How the bathing suit you looked at online once follows you around for two months
Exclusive: Flickr bought by SmugMug
which vows to revitalize the photo service

Week 201814

The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user
Who Stole the Four-Hour Workday?
Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla Put Their Backing Behind New WebAuthn API
The new API will enable users to log into web apps and websites using other authentication methods besides passwords, the system used by all websites today. This includes hardware security keys, fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, and other biometrics solutions.
The 5 biggest takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before the Senate
Congress doesn’t understand Facebook. Does anyone?
Hoe Mojo met een hekje de wereld over ging
Directeur John Mulder over de Mojo Barrier, Prince geruststellen en de tuinman van Bono
Braille Nueu Typeface Communicates Visually and Physically in English and Japanese

Week 201813

The Ketogenic Diet and Cholesterol
See what RSS feeds others are subscribed to
Tool’s ‘Undertow’ – Rolling Stone
10 Things You Didn’t Know
the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service
Queens of Infamy: Eleanor of Aquitaine
Molly Ringwald Revisits “The Breakfast Club” in the Age of #MeToo

Week 201812

The Missing Building Blocks of the Web
Modern password guidelines
How Fast Is Amp Really?
The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have About Eating Right
Mark Bittman and doctor David L. Katz patiently answer pretty much every question we could think of about healthy food.
From Top Gun to Stand By Me
why the 1980s is my favourite film decade | Film | The Guardian
Hawaii Lava Photography Volcanoes National Park – Michael Shainblum
Really Friendly Command Line Intro
YouTube May Add to the Burdens of Humble Wikipedia – The New York Times
YouTube’s chief executive announced that the company would enlist Wikipedia’s help to deal with the proliferation of conspiracy theories and misinformation on its platform.
Want to freak yourself out?
I’m gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you
Login without password most secure | Wait.. what?
Punderstruck: Why Are Heavy Metal Bands So in Love With Punning?

Week 201811

How To Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
IDEA – nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions
Common algorithms in the form of IKEA instructions. 
Graphene Hair Dye Is Coming, And It Looks Incredible
The Wonderful World of Wes Anderson | GQ
we gathered Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, and more—of the new Anderson animated opus Isle of Dogs—for a stylish homage to the director himself.
The Gigantic Legacy of the Pixies’ ‘Surfer Rosa’ – The Ringer

Week 201810

Running From the Pain
Exercise can be a very effective way to treat depression. So why don’t American doctors prescribe it?
Stephen Hawking Dies
Physicist Who Awed Both Scientists And The Public Was 76
I Risked Death by Cholesterol in the Name of Science and Productivity!
The Wire, 10 years on
‘We tore the cover off a city and showed the American dream was dead’
Last Pose Of Summer – Priest’s Fetching Fashions
Led Astray in the Forest Dark | Decibel Magazine
Metal and the Familiarity Principle
The literal translation of country names

Week 201809

Ancient Earth globe
A globe which lets you see how the continents have shifted during the last 600 million years
The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere
Tulip mania
the classic story of a Dutch financial bubble is mostly wrong
Dynamo Concerts
From the mid-80s until last decade, Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Netherlands was an iconic metal festival and the go-to-place for metal maniacs from all Europe.
De sleepwet schiet doel voorbij: stem tegen – Bits of Freedom
Op 21 maart mogen we naar de stembus om onze mening te geven over de nieuwe Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten, oftewel de sleepwet.
15 Remarkable Women We Overlooked in Our Obituaries – The New York Times

Week 201808

How the Breeders Finally Learned to Get Along – The New York Times
Third party CSS is not safe
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines
Back Pain May Be The Result Of Bending Over At The Waist Instead Of The Hips
Dit zijn de 5 verbeterpunten
Nederland verdient een betere wet: stem tegen!
Why Do We Sleep Under Blankets, Even on the Hottest Nights?