Las zojuist review voor de nieuwe plaat van Tempel. Voor degene die zich niet in Het Genre begeven ongetwijfeld hocus pocus, maar ik word er wel nieuwsgierig van.

[..] confounding to categorize. Opener “Carvings in the Door” will make you believe you’re in for a Black Tusk-via-post-metal experiment, with a quick set of rousing sludge riffs giving way to layered, sustained notes in the midsection. Later songs add black metal flair, with mid-album highlight “Descending into the Labryinth” opening with a riff that’s more Enslaved than Pelican, while parts of closer “Dawn Breaks Over the Ruins” wouldn’t be out of place on a Drudkh record. As Moon progresses, things grow more layered and lush, with the album’s second half introducing folksy-sounding acoustic interludes and electric/acoustic harmonization, recalling, of all things, Agalloch’s The Mantle.