Onlangs de HBO-documentaire Going Clear over Scientology gezien. Erg indrukwekkend, vooral ook omdat er diverse voorheen hooggeplaatste leden aan het woord komen.

The film breaks into three distinct acts. In the first, the former Scientologists describe how they got into Scientology; a second strand recounts the history of Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard. In the final strand, the film airs allegations of the abuse of church members and misconduct by its leadership, particularly David Miscavige, who is accused of intimidating, beating, imprisoning and exploiting subordinates.

UPDATE: Vond dit artikel, ‘Going Clear’ filmmaker: Scientology abuses its tax-exempt status, over de actie tot oproep om de club niet langer om religieuze redenen te ontzien van belasting. Zeer terecht.