transparent-amazon-posterLaatste dagen het eerste seizoen van de serie Transparent gezien. Hij lag al een tijdje op de virtuele plank te wachten, maar ik was er nog niet eerder aan toegekomen.

The Pfeffermans, a clan of secular L.A. Jews, are decadent chatterboxes with notably sketchy boundaries. Jeffrey Tambor plays Mort, the father, a long-divorced former professor, who, in retirement, is beginning to transition from male to female. [..] In the first episode, Mort tries, and fails, to come out as “Maura” to his three children—Sarah (Amy Landecker), a wealthy stay-at-home mom, and her two younger siblings, Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) and Josh (Jay Duplass). Sensing that something is up, but not knowing what, the kids presume that their dad has cancer and begin bickering over their inheritance.

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